#WeWannaWash: Ford Mustang (GT/GT350/GT350R)

The Mustang is one of the most iconic american cars in the world. When you hear american car, the first car that would come to mind is the Mustang. This is a muscle car that often always pushed numbers of over 300hp when cars most cars were only getting 150hp. This is a legend, and with reason.


I don’t know if you remember, but within the last couple of years, there have been thousands of memes and gifs circling around social media, showing many different Mustangs crashing. Mostly because they had so much power, most drivers couldn’t control it. Yeah! Driver’s were making this car look bad. At one point, you might have thought that entire internet was out to get the mustang. But then the S550 model came out in 2015, with a whole new suspension and handling system. This was a surprise to the entire car community because the Mustang started to become more of a sports car with a lot of power than a muscle car. It even had a new engine design that gave it a more sporty sound. This car was a game changer within the Mustang community.

When you see a new Mustang, you can almost bet that there will be a Shelby model to it. This one was called the Shelby GT350. This was a more aggressive styling of the mustang with a bigger engine, a lot more power, bigger brakes, and more big stuff. This is an amazing piece of machinery, and it got even better with the GT350R. Okay, technically, they only gave it a different wing and removed a lot of weight from the car to make it faster on the track. But we’re missing the big point here! A mustang? On a track? That was unheard of up until this point. Now the mustang could compete with cars like the Chevy Corvette on the track. This is crazy in its own right.

The mustang has been an important staple in the car world for decades. Even sport celebrities like Ken block and Vaughn Gitten Jr. have made it there choice of vehicle when drifting around the track. Vaughn Gitten Jr. has even created a car accessory brand so that mustang owners can give there car a more aggressive racing look. The mustang has always been an iconic and legendary vehicle in the world, and now that the car has redesigned its self as a sports car, we have a feeling that this is only the beginning of what the future of muscle cars has in store for us. Based on legend alone, and the fact that this is personally my favorite car under $100,000, this will always make the list of cars that #WeaWannaWash.

Vaughn Gitten Jr. Brand: https://www.rtrvehicles.com/

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