#WeWannaWash Giveaway: Introduction (How To Play)

When we first started releasing our blog posts for our #WeWannaWash series, we wanted to show our followers the cars that we really want to wash when we reopen up in the spring. When we released the post, we got a lot of messages saying things like, “I have that car! You can wash mine.” Then we got this idea. Now that we have finally announced our reopening for March 5th, we thought it would be fun to create a little Instagram game. We’re calling it the “#WeWannaWash Giveaway”.



The Game:

#WeWannaWash Giveaway is an Instagram based game where people on Instagram can win a free car wash from us. When we release our #WeWannaWash Giveaway posts on Fridays, you can get the chance to get an Exterior Wash, for free!



How To Play:

Every Wednesday and Friday, between 3pm-4pm EST, we will release a #WeWannaWash Giveaway post on Instagram. In the center of the photo, there will be a picture of a car. If you have the same Make and Model of the car in the picture, you are qualified to win a car wash. The first person who owns this car to LIKE the post, FOLLOW our Instagram page, and leave a COMMENT of the Make and Model of the car in the picture, will be the winner of the car wash. The winner will be announced in the comment section of the #WeWannaWash Giveaway post on instagram. We will also send our terms and agreement to the winner via direct messaging in Instagram. The winner will have 1 hour to agree to the terms. If they do not agree within the time frame, we will announce the new winner in the comment section, and the same rules will apply to them. After the terms are agreed upon, we will send a coupon code that will allow them to get a free car wash from us. They will have 1 week (7 Days) to schedule the wash, unless instructed otherwise.




Let’s say it’s Friday at 3pm EST, we’ve released the #WeWannaWash Giveaway above and you were the first person to see it. Let’s also say that you owned that car, or you knew someone with that car. Now you are qualified to play. So now what? You first LIKE this post, and leave the COMMENT “BMW M3”. But you haven’t won yet because you aren’t following the page. That is why we tell people to follow us before we release the Giveaway, so the only thing left to do when the post is released is to LIKE and COMMENT. Now let’s say you were following us already. Now you’ve won, but you don’t know that yet. By this time, their are a whole bunch of LIKES and COMMENTS already. The next thing is, we reply to your comment saying you are the winner and we send you a direct message to your Instagram account. It has a small checklist of things that are required. It asks you if you agree. You then have 1 hour to agree or a new winner will be chosen. You agree and then you receive a coupon code for a FREE EXTERIOR WASH. That’s it! You’ve won!

Follow us on Instagram to be ready when we release our first Giveaway tomorrow!

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