#WeWannaWash: Mercedes Benz G63 AMG 6×6

The Mercedes Benz G63 AMG 6×6! Not really a car that you would think a wash specialist would love to clean, right? I mean, its enormous, it’s an off road monster, and it probably would come in to our shops covered in mud and sand. This vehicle would most likely never be an easy job.  But there’s something about the challenge that makes us want to tackle the beast head on. When you have an off-road car this big, dirty from a long trip through the swamps and deserts, there’s an immense feeling of victory you would get when you restore it back to its clean, luxury state.

Let’s face it! This vehicle is a truck. It has 6 wheel that adapt to all types of terrain. Even the pointed rock in “Lion King”. This vehicle can probably reach the top of Mount Everest if it were chosen for the mission. This is surprising to many because when you hear, “Off-Road”, you don’t think Mercedes Benz. Mercedes is the luxury brand that fancy people drive for a smooth ride through the clouds, not through the jungle. But this does an amazing job competing both with the Jeep Wrangler and the luxury G-Class SUV; which explains why the price of this is $850,000 higher than the 4×4 G63 AMG at $950,000. That’s almost a million dollars.

I’m not going to lie. This vehicle was never on our radar as a car we would want to wash. In fact I never knew it existed. But when my best friend, Lou (aka Lou Got The Juice), who is also a rapper, showed me this telling me that one day he will drive up the the award show in one, I quickly fell in love with this 4.5 ton machine. By the way, head over to his SoundCloud and listen to some of his music. He’s pretty good. Anyway, if someone were to schedule a car wash with us for this car, we’d probably cancel all of our other appointments that day. Not only because it’s such a big job, but because we actually want to spend a whole day with this vehicle. This vehicle can be the most luxury truck on the road, but also the dirtiest, and because it has the capability to do both, we would never shy away from the challenge of washing this car, and returning it back to the beautiful truck that it is.


Here’s one of my favorite tracks from Lou Got The Juice. Give it a listen. (WARNING: Explicit Lyrics)

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