#WeWannaWash: Nissan GTR

Godzilla! That is what you hear when this car comes down the road. Well that is what the fan boys scream when they’re driving close by. The Nissan GTR has been one of the most iconic cars of on the road to date. Everyone who knows anything about cars knows about this Japanese sports car. This is the car that’s fairly inexpensive but stands up to super car companies like the Lamborghini and Porsche. To stand against manufacturers like those, you have to be pretty fast.

The Nissan GTR was formerly called the Skyline series of Nissan. This is the car that has become one of everyone’s favorite tuner car next to the Toyota Supra. This is the car you probably would recognize from “2 Fast 2 Furious”, driven by Brian O’Connor (Paul Walker R.I.P). This movie had a lot to do with the spike in the Godzilla fanboy club. But it’s with reason. This car is the home of one of the best engines in the tuner world. The RB series and the VR series. These engines have pushed out more than 500hp on the regular thanks to its Twin Turbo built block. You can even find skylines that push out 1000hp with these engines. These are fast!

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The GTR is an amazing track car, especially as the technology evolves. It is all-wheel drive and it has one of the best launch control systems in a car. This can keep you in front of the other cars at all times, if you know what you’re doing. We love the GTR, and while we said it is more inexpensive, it is not cheap enough to put inside of any car wash. This car has a price tag of $100,000 base and brand new. It would be paint suicide to put this in a brush car wash. That’s why we would be honored to wash this car, but not only because we don’t want to see any GTRs hurt, but also because it is such an iconic vehicle and we would love to say that we have been in, and cleaned the mouth of Godzilla.

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