…what the car wash should be!

My name is Stephon Phillip. I am the founder of LO’s Mobile Hand Wash & Detailing. If you have used my service, you probably know a little about me already. I’m the extremely ambitious kid who puts all his energy into cleaning cars. The one who takes over an hour to do a car wash because I am such a perfectionist that I am never satisfied until every millimeter of the car is spotless. But you don’t mind, do you? I mean when someone is paying that much attention to detail and quality when cleaning your car, how could you be upset.

When I used to get my car washed at the local car wash, a car wash would take 7 minutes tops, and it would only cost around $15. I was a happy customer. But I started to notice these small scratches on the car that were never there before the car wash. Every time I got a car wash, it would get worse, even when I tried different car wash businesses. Eventually, it got so bad that I stopped getting a car wash all together. When I went to go get the car detailed to remove the scratches, I was charged over $300. How is it that the businesses that were meant to clean my car, were damaging my car at the same time. That’s when I learned how to wash cars myself, the right way!

I realized a lot of people were having these same issues. That’s when I decided to create my own car wash business. I set out on a mission to change the entire industry on a global scale. Those who have used my services, from Royal Caribbean to a local locksmith, all agree that I’m off to a great start. I’m changing the way that car owners all over get our cars washed when they’re dirty. I’ve created the future of the car wash with more convenience, more quality, and more technology because that’s, well… what the car wash should be!

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