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Every time you enter your car, you bring the dirt and other nasty things into your car. When you enter the car with your shoes, a lot of the contaminantsĀ from the public ground that stick to the bottom of your shoes, come off on to the carpets. So imagine this. Your carpet’s are clean now. But one day you will step in mud or gum and have no choice but to get in your car. You’ll need to protect your cream colored carpets from turning brown or taking on permanent damage. Well their is a solution, and it should be one of the first investments you make after purchasing your new car. They are called floor mats.

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Carpet Mats – Jeep

Carpet Mats

Floor mats are one of the most essential accessories that any car owner could have in a car. There sole purpose is to protect the carpets from any dirt, debris or accidents, that could cause damage to the carpets. Floor mats come in many different variations. You have carpet mats, plastic mats, rubber mats and even paper mats. Carpet mats are very special, because they protect the car’s carpet without sacrificing style and feel. These mats usually come with the car when you purchase it. The problem comes when something spills on them. The mats will be stained and can house a foul odor if not cleaned properly. You will have to wait to go the the laundry to get them cleaned. In some cases, they may not be able to be cleaned. They are however cheaper than the other alternatives so I guess you can just replace them if they are not repairable. If you want a mat that is a lot easier to deal with, you have the option of plastic mats.

Plastic Mats

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Plastic Mats – WeatherTech

Plastic are highly chemical resistant. If you spill anything on them, you won’t have to worry about liquids coming in contact with the carpets below. However, plastic mats may be a bit hard to work in these cases. They are rigid and are usually shaped to fit the floor of the car. I’ve been in situations before where it’s rigidity made it hard to remove. I was trying to throw spilled water out of the car and it took so many puzzle-like maneuvers, that I had to practically pour the water on to the carpets below in order to get the mats out. Plastic mats can come in multiple colors to match your car’s atmosphere. They aren’t temperature resistant and could wear down in winter and summer months. Plastic mats also aren’t very stable while the car is moving. They slide around and rely on their flush shape to the floor for stability.

Rubber Mats

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Rubber Mats – Range Rover

Rubber mats are our best option, as they offer the ability to keep the car clean and offer stability inside the car. When something spills on them, just like plastic mats, all you have to do is remove them and rinse them off; no washing machine required. They are also easier to work with as they are less rigid than plastic mats and they can be folded and bent. They only problem I’ve ever really seen with these mats are the wearing of the driver’s mats. Because the driver moves his foot often from brakes to gas a lot, the driver’s shoe heel slide on the mats. This wears down the rubber and could eventually cause a hole.

Imagine This

All of the mats have their downfalls, but they are still worth the investment. Imagine this. You are driving your car and your coffee spills. Never-mind the damage it would do to your seats, for now. We’ll get to that in another post. Think about what that caramel frapuccino would do to the carpets. The horror! Now imagine if after the spill, you could just remove the mat from the car, shake it off, wipe it and put it back in the car as if nothing ever happened. That is the power of rubber mats. You see, if you didn’t have the rubber or plastic mats, there would be a huge, brown coffee stain on the carpet. Here’s a visual if your imagination is a bit flustered.

You would have to an auto detailer to get the stain out, or in worst case scenarios when the stain is too severe, remove the entire carpet all together. These repairs could cost hundreds of dollars. If it were me, I’d spend a few bucks on the mats when I first buy my car. 5 years later, I could bet that my carpets will look as good as new for it’s entire lifespan.

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Coffee on plastic mats
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Coffee on rubber mats.

At The End Of The Day

Getting floor mats when you get your car is a no brainer. If you want to protect your vehicle, then that is the best accessory you could buy, especially if you want to avoid some expensive repairs and cleaning projects in the future. As you can see, all mats have their own pros and cons. I personally believe that rubber mats are the way to go for car drivers. They are easy to clean, easy to work with, and they protect the carpets just as good as the plastic mats; without the transformers looking design. If you are a truck driver though, I would say the plastic mats are the best mats for you. The heavy duty boots that truck drivers wear may wear out the rubber ones a bit too fast for the investment. In any case, a floor mat is essential in the car to avoid a major headache in the future, and it should be the first thing you buy when you get your car.

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